Center for Montessori Teacher Education/North Carolina


Classes held at Phoenix Montessori Academy

12340 Mt. Holly-Huntersville Road

Huntersville, NC 28078


Infant/Toddler Program (Ages 0 - 3)


The Center For Montessori Teacher Education/North Carolina (CMTE/NC) offers an Infant/Toddler teacher training program which, upon successful completion, leads to an American Montessori Society (AMS) Infant/Toddler Credential. An AMS Associate Infant and Toddler Credential will be granted if the candidate does not have a Bachelor’s Degree.


This course presents the Montessori philosophy, theory, teaching and strategies in the light of modern child development and developmental psychology. CMTE/NC offers the only Montessori Teacher Education program in the world with a published, RIE Fellow Associate on our Infant/Toddler faculty.


The Infant and Toddler program explores the physical and emotional evolution of the developing personality from the birth of a child to three years of age. Emphasis is placed upon the integration of the human and physical components of the prepared environment. Subject areas include: Montessori Philosophy and Pedagogy; Preparation and Design of Responsive Environments; Infant and Toddler Development (physical, cognitive and emotional); Bonding; Symbiosis / Separation; Adult and Child Communication; Physical Health and Care of the Infant; Pregnancy and Child Birth; Legislation and Administration of Infant and Toddler programs; the Infant and Toddler in all day group settings; family needs this decade and beyond.


In the initial summer phase the student is introduced to Montessori Philosophy and Pedagogy, Child Development, Observation Skills, Health and Safety Issues, Leading and meeting current Childcare regulations and Environmental Design. During the weekend seminars that follow, the student is given additional Child Development, Philosophy and Pedagogy, Observation and Record Keeping and Environmental Design along with Sensory Integration, Music, Movement and Art classes.


Our curriculum presentations are sequenced to follow the growth and development of a teacher in a classroom. The 3-6 Overview course is given after the Montessori student has had the opportunity to absorb the strong focus on Montessori Philosophy and Infant and Toddler Child Development that is offered.  In this time frame, the Overview also acts as a stepping-stone for a Toddler specialist to develop activities appropriate for the maturing child.


Infant/Toddler Required Reading List



CMTE/NC does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, national and ethnic origin, sexual orientation, or gender.